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Would you rather be in control or be happy?

It’s a simple question but one that becomes more difficult when we find something that fills an emotional void in our life. For some, it is drugs or alcohol. For others, it can be sex and certain relationships.  It can even be money, status, video games, or tobacco. But when we replace our dependence on God with our dependence on something else, we forfeit happiness for control. The fallout of that decision can hurt. It can hurt us, but very often it hurts the ones we love.

God provides a way out of the downward spiral of sin. A recovery group will help in that journey.  Our recovery group is for men who are ready to be honest about the sin in their life.  It is a place to cultivate positive relationships. It is a way to get your life under control by learning happiness through Jesus Christ.

Come be part of that journey.

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