Message from the Elders June 3, 2020

The Eldership is thankful that we will be able to begin worshiping together again this Sunday June 7th. Please review the guidelines at the end of this message with regard to plans and procedures for Sunday’s worship service.

This will also mark the last midweek written elders’ message that has become our normal communication effort during the pandemic. Beginning Sunday, we will relay any message updates during the shepherd’s prayer portion of the worship service. If you are unable to attend worship on Sunday please tune in to the YouTube stream to worship from home and get the latest message from the elders.

We also strongly recommend that elderly and medically fragile individuals or those that may not yet be comfortable assembling to continue worshiping from home during phase one. This is not meant as a prohibition to the elderly but a recommendation based on the current covid-19 best practices. Each family should use your own discretion as to what is right for your own family.

Please remember:
• The building will remain closed with the exception of Sunday worship services or any approved activities. Please contact the office to have any requested activities submitted for approval.

• Beginning this Sunday June 7th we will have a single worship service beginning at 10:30, the entire worship will also be live streamed and recorded on our You Tube Channel at

• Summer Series to begin, with this year’s theme; “Fruit of the spirit and works of the flesh”. Today Wednesday June 3rd we will begin our summer series. This year the summer series will be a pre-recorded lesson posted on the You Tube Channel each Wednesday evening by 5:00pm. We will provide a list of speakers and topics in the future. Tonight’s lesson will be from Jake Sutton minister from the Piedmont Road Church of Christ.

• Your offering can be mailed to the church building. The building address is Woodstock Church of Christ, 219 Rope Mill Rd., Woodstock, GA 30188.

• We also have an online offering option for the congregation called “Givelify”. This can be used as an app on your phone or from the online site. Many were able to use this app over the past couple of weeks to make their offering. The link below will take you to the page. If you have questions regarding this payment method, we will be happy to answer your questions or help you set up the application. The following is a link to our page

Please see the following Phase One Instructions outlining the precautions that will be taken to protect the health of our church family. Once again, we want to emphasize that our whole congregation needs each of your individual commitment, regardless of your personal comfort level or conviction, to graciously follow the plan and specific guidance we put in place – even though we recognize it will not be perfect.

We ask for your prayers and understanding that we make the best and wisest choices with the subsequent phases of our return to more frequent congregational activities.

In Christ’s Service
The Eldership

Philippians 2:3-4
3 Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. 4 Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

• Take your families temperature- If possible, take your family’s temperature before leaving for worship. If it exceeds 100.4 please do not attend the assembly.
• Please do not attend if- you are not feeling well, have a fever, or have had direct contact with someone who likely has or is confirmed to have COVID-19.
• Go before you go- Use your restrooms at home just prior to leaving for the building. This will minimize the need to use the facilities at the building.
• Please arrive 15-30 minutes early to allow for everyone to be seated and the service to start on time at 10:30.
• Be prepared to have temperature taken prior to entering the building. If temp is above 100.4 you will not be admitted.
• Stay together- All family members will be expected to stay together for the entire duration of the entry, seating, worship and dismissal. This will help social distancing as well as maximize seating capacity.
• Parents with young children- Parents with young children should keep their children with them at all times. This is necessary to maintain physical distancing for everyone.
• Observe the physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet between you and others (non-family members).
• Follow any directions given by the ushers.
• Facemasks- Facemasks are requested for the protection of your church family. Please wear your facemask upon entry into the building. Young children will not be required to wear facemasks. All ushers facilitating these procedures will be wearing masks for your protection.
• Entry to the building- Entry will be limited to the front doors, except for those who are physically unable to walk to the front doors. Only those unable to walk to the front doors may enter the drive-thru door.
• Auditorium entry- Entry will be limited to the two double doors from the foyer (please use both sides to limit lines).
• Observe the six feet distancing- while in line to enter and while entering, tape will be marked on the floor to aid in keeping the six feet of social distance.
• Communion- Pick up your communion supplies from a table upon entering. Please avoid touching any except your own individual cup/bread. Please bring the used package when exiting the building and deposit into provided trash receptacles.
• Offering- Place your contribution in the appropriate receptacle provided near the communion supplies (you may use the contribution method you have been using during online worship).

• The foyer and auditorium should be the only areas accessed (any other areas where access is permitted should be visited only as necessary).
• Restrooms will be accessible, but you are encouraged to use them only when necessary. Observe physical distancing when using restrooms (i.e., limit the number of people in them and adhere to the 6 feet physical distancing as much as possible). If you do use a restroom, please wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Use common sense.
• Please wipe down objects you have touched in the restroom with wipes provided in the restroom. (Please don’t flush the wipes please use the waste basket to dispose of the used wipes.)
• Nursery and cry room will be accessible but try to follow physical distancing as much as possible and limit what is used or touched in those locations. Please wipe down objects you have touched with wipes provided. Again, use common sense.
• Fellowship hall, hallways, offices, classrooms, basement, and rooms at the front of the auditorium must be avoided (except for baptisms).

• Ushers will direct you where to sit. Seating will begin at the front and in the middle of rows to assist with physical distancing. Please accept the seating that you are asked to occupy.
• Observe the six-foot distance between your party and any others on the same row.
• All pew back materials have been removed to eliminate unnecessary places for virus transmission.
• Remain seated after the closing song.
• Ushers will direct people to exit on a row by row basis (much like at funerals).
• Exiting will be done using the double doors closest to where you are seated at the rear of the auditorium.
• Proceed directly out the front doors (except those physically needing to leave by the drive-thru door.
• Do not congregate in the foyer or the parking lot. Please proceed directly to your cars.

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