Deacon Area Responsibilities

Charlie Bailey
Men’s Activities
Family Activities
Front Signage
Tract Rack
Ushering & Greeting
Local Evangelism
Plan Mens Retreat, Helping Hands Projects, Movie Nights, Maintain Front Signage Messages, Maintain Tract Racks.
Reg Berry
Missions – India, Deacon Communication  Coordinate India mission efforts.
Dave Brannan
Ushering & Greeting
Men’s Activities
Worship Activities
Day School
 Organize, recruit and train people to be greeters and ushers. Fall Festival – Trick or Truck.
Ron Cox
Building Maintenance
Van Management
Helping Hands
Tuesday Visitation
 Oversee building repair, maintenance and improvements, maintain church van.

Larry Crawford
Care Zones  Recruit and encourage care zone leaders, Care zones provide assistance to care zone members during times of illnesses, hospitalizations, deaths and births.
Eric Dotson
Office Operations
 YCA – Facilitate bible studies, activities and plan mission trips. Office – assist staff with operational issues and purchases.
Ron Dunnavant
Worship Activities (Regular & Holiday)  Responsible for making assignments for worship service participation and communion preparation.
Greg Garner
 Hispanic Ministry, ESL  Liaison between Hispanics and Elders.
Mike House
Day School
Rick Laukka
First Aid
 Missions – Coordinate local, state and foreign mission works. Security – Coordinating and scheduling locking and unlocking the building, issuing keys and  alarm codes. First Aid and AED – Maintaining list of first responders (doctors/nurses) who attend services.
Jack Lewis
Super Seniors
Tom Markham
Computers & Networks
Barry Payne
New Members & New Converts
Education – Support & Resources, VBS
 New Member/Converts – Identify areas of interests, photos, orientation, new converts class. Education Support & Resources – Teacher workroom, Library, Summer Reading Program
Jeremy Powell
Building Grounds
Building Use
Day School
Fellowship Activities
High School Youth
Song Ministry
 Maintain grounds. Organize and approve use of the building by outside groups. Organize activities for FCA fellowship group. Organize activities for First Sunday Night Fellowship and other church fellowships. Coordinate activities for the high school youth. Coordinate song leaders for worship services.
Joe Stephens
Lads to Leaders
Worship Activities
Day School
 Troy Golden Ministry Leader
 Lincoln Waddell Ministry Leader